Microphone Cable Comparison

When putting together a sound system, it is easy to find 100's of opinions on the what microphones, speakers, and mixer is best for your application.  However during the process of building my small portable system from scratch, i realized that nearly as much money gets spent on accesoreies such as mic stands, cases, power cables, speaker stands, and mic cables. 

Each of these times while unlikely to appreciably affect the system performance, still require some consideration and decision making when purchasing. 

With mic cables the variety of price points is staggering, so I went ahead and bought cables from a few major sources and below is my comparison. 

GLS Audio from OC Speaker Repair  ($7 for 25'  in packages of 10 )

EWI Starline Audiopile.net  ($12.00 for 25')

Monster Cable S-100 from Musicians Friend  ($29.95 for 20')

Local music store hand made cable. ($25 for 25')